What We Believe

Below we have summarized several key components of what we believe. If you have specific doctrinal questions about the church, please send them to info@providencene.org

The Bible is God's verbally inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word and, therefore, authoritative and sufficient.

God is one, eternally existing in three equally divine persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who know, love, and glorify one another.

The Father in His infinite power and wisdom, created the world, rules over it and reconciles all things to Himself through the gospel.

Jesus, the eternal Son of God, became a man, without ceasing to be God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary to save His people from their sins.

Jesus, moved by love and in obedience to His Father, lived, died and rose again for sinners, satisfying God's righteous requirements, propitiating His wrath, and securing salvation for all who believe.

The Holy Spirit promotes the glory of God in Christ through creation of the world, the inspiration of Scripture, regeneration, salvation, sanctification and the glorification of believers.

God created the universe out of nothing in six days by the word of His power for His pleasure and glory. God created Adam and Eve in His image in holiness, righteousness, and dignity to reflect Him in dominion over creation.

Every human being, having been represented by Adam who rebelled, is a sinner by nature and by choice, and consequently under His just condemnation and neither willing nor able to achieve reconciliation with God.

God, according to His elective purpose, saves sinners from His just condemnation unto eternal life, applying the substitutionary work of Jesus to all who believe in Him and repent of their sin.

Everyone who is saved by the finished work of Jesus will be kept by God unto glorification and, therefore, all those who are born again can be assured of salvation and will persevere until the end.

Water Baptism and the Lord's Supper were given by Christ as ordinances to the Church.

Jesus will return to earth bodily in order to rescue his people, to execute judgment upon all who have not obeyed the gospel, to consummate His kingdom and to reconcile all things in heaven and earth, having made peace by the blood of His cross.